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Who am I?

Hello! My name is Gian Marco Fusaro, I am 23 years old and I’m studying Master CAWEB – Creating and managing multilingual websites in Strasbourg, Alsace. Through this master and my passion for the web and new technologies, I developed good skills mainly in web design, integration and localization of content.

From versatile nature, I have a strong aptitude for project management and communication, especially in the workplace. I also have a good foundation in graphic design, development and SEO, acquired during and self-training.

Italian and Czech mother tongue, I got my degree in Linguistics Mediation (French / German) at the University of Genoa, Italy. During this period, I also had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus exchange program in Vienna (Austria), which allowed me to improve my knowledge in German and live a first experience of life in abroad.

In January 2013 I moved to Strasbourg, European capital and main center of the Grand is French. The international character and charm of this city have seduced me later. It is here that I began to follow the curriculum of the Master CAWEB.

Member of several collaborative platforms such as Wikipedia, StrasWeb, Archi-Strasbourg and Crowdin, I like to make my contribution both in terms of translations, technical content or knowledge.


I speak a lot of languages...


But I code in a lot of languages, too!




Adobe Suite


Translation tools





Jardin d’Enfants de Bischheim
Association Archi-Strasbourg
Nouvelle Perspective
StrasKod Store
Cathédrale de Strasbourg : Millénaire des fondations
Master CAWEB
Été 2015 à Strasbourg
A Young Teacher
École primaire du Neufeld


  • #90minuto mi sta mettendo talmente tanto disagio che sono venuto a vedere su Twitter se sono l'unico strano. A quan…

    Gian Marco Fusaro ≠ about 6 days ago
  • @skrill hi guys, need some help. Anybody there please? Thanks, Gian Marco

    Gian Marco Fusaro ≠ about 134 days ago
  • @MiAirports Ok, grazie mille!

    Gian Marco Fusaro ≠ about 219 days ago

Academic works

Le Destin de l'Univers (Jean-Pierre Luminet)

Mémoire de Licence :  Traduction et analyse de “Le Destin de l’Univers : trous noirs et énergie sombre” de Jean-Pierre Luminet – Chapitre 23

Università degli Studi di Genova – Corso di Laurea in Teorie e Tecniche della Mediazione Interlinguistica, november 2012

(italian and french)

Jardin d'Enfants de Bischheim

Rapport de Stage : Création d’un site web multilingue

Université de Strasbourg – Master 1 CAWEB, may 2014



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